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Letter to Bali
Blessed Bali, 

everything has started thanks to you. 
Honored to have been welcomed by you, 
we give you the Tribute of our project, 
From Bikini.​

A project that celebrates the Goddess within
that enhances the feminine energy and
us with Mother Earth.​

Your beauty, your graceful nature and your
waves have been our inspirations.
The attention of balinese women for the aesthetic and the care of the body, using nature's gift to beautify themselves, have been key elements for the creation of a piece that enhance the beauty of the feminine body.
Beauty everywhere
Along with the sweetness of the smiling faces of Balinese people, the streets full of offerings, ceremonies with incense and flowers, that have let us live in a constant state of wonder.​

 Bali is a place to Live, the sensations you experience while you are there wrapped in its energy cannot be described, you can only live them.
An energy that 
cannot be described 

Yes, this is Bali

A place that asks you to be balanced between the Sky and the Earth, that help you trust there will be light where you can see only darkness but if you are not able to go with the flow the Island will keep pushing you to go beyond your boundaries until you quit your mind to trust the Universe
Go with the flow
If you are present your soul, your inner voice, your heart and the Mother Nature will lead to your purpose. ​

This happened to us, Bali guided us into a journey of inspiration where our pure, intuitive and creative energy comes out.​

When we are here thoughts flow into our mind as insight giving us the opportunity to create the bikinis that mostly represent us expressing the philosophy we want to communicate.
A journey of inspiration
Follow your path
This place where you can see beauty everywhere, this piece of paradise, this bit of heaven on earth, taught us to honor and be aware of ourselves, the world needs more light.​ 

We are so grateful for the connection we have with the Island and the path it let us do here.​Wherever we go, wherever we are, we are always deeply connected with nature. 

Spreading the Love of Bali around the World.
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