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Be unique

From Bikini is a brand that brings the different cultures of the world to light.

It borns from the passion of travelling and discovering new places, facing different cultures and taking inspirations from their colors, sensations and vibes.

All the bikinis’ inspirations come from different countries and every collection is drawn by a specific culture and handcrafted by local artisans who put their heart and soul into every stitch using traditional methods of embroidery to create pieces whose results are unique creations.

That’s why its name, from.

Behind every collection there is a story, a unique journey and a rich heritage.

Every bikini is a unique combination of color and braid. For everyone exists its own bikini different from anyone else. The aim of the brand is to let the customers research their own style.

From bikini's purpose is to be committed to create awareness about its journey through its works of art which capture the very essence of humanity.


The two designers are two sisters who created a swimwear line that was unlike any other, based on discovering ourselves, our feelings and our tastes for choosing the bikini which is the one who is suitable for us, not the one that another person is wearing.

The Sisters dedicate most of their time selecting fabrics, finding lycra, creating their own exclusive print according to the place they are in that moment and searching for the precise cut of the bikini which draws the perfect silhouette.

The Sisters travel extensively to different destinations, familiarize themselves with cultures and traditions in order to design a collection that truly and authentically represents its origins. They also feel part of that community so their aim is to assist these communities by creating jobs and opportunities for workers...that’s why from bikini means designing with a conscience.


Immersed in the cultures and communities from bikini try to support local talents creating partnerships and opportunities to improve the quality of life of the artisans. The idea is to intricate work across the world.

Join our journey and shop our bikinis!