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Italian Roots
Made in Italy
We think globally, taking inspiration from colors and vibes of different cultures as our name From whispers, but we act locally: all our bikinis are Made in Italy. 

We choose Italy to honor our roots and because is the homeland of craftmanship: we are committed in our journey to preserve and celebrate traditional and artisanal expertise, skills and processes. 

Each From bikini is carefully designed, sourced and handcrafted by Italian specialists who put their heart, their soul and their knowledge into every stitch, adding to each piece handmade braids whose final results of this process are unique creationsmade with Love.
Yes of course, with Love, always.
When something is made with Love you can feel it. The product itself spread this vibe.We love so much what we do that our effort is to create something that reflects it.
Every step of our production is filled with Love. Starting from the fabric research and the creation to the manufacturing of our bikinis up to the choice of the packaging. We choose people to work with that love their job and this make the difference in the final production. Feel the love. We are spreading it.

Feel the love. We are spreading it.