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"Self-care is how you take your power back."

Be the Goddess you are 
From Bikini's journey began on the island of Bali where our approach to femininity has been influenced by local people’s thought.
This is why the project celebrates the Goddess within us offering a product that naturally enhances feminine energy.
The swimsuit is for us a powerful means to express our own femininity, it is a way for a woman to tell the story about herself. 
We believe that the body is the mirror of the soul and so the bikini becomes its the language of expression. 
The most important thing we learned from Bali is that life flows if we are living in harmony with ourselves, our body, and our mind. 
Moreover, the attention of Balinese women for the aesthetic and the care of the body have been key elements for us to understand the line that connects self-love to femininity.
Living peacefully with our body, free to express our own true nature means we should love ourselves for who we are.
This is possible only if we take care of our body, both on a physical and on a spiritual level.
"We can express our own femininity only if we live in harmony with our bodies. "
For the importance of living a life in connection with our true selves has for us, and realizing how most of us forget about our bodies in the hustle and bustle of our lives locked at our work desks all day, in 2020, during the first worldwide lockdown, we decided to give birth to TIME TO LOVE BEING YOU, a 21 days journey where we learned how to increase body awareness through different techniques such as yoga, meditation, workout and sound healing.
The path's goal is to help us feel better about ourselves developing the habit of taking care of ourselves every day: we master how to fall involve with ourselves to live with the flow of life.

Starting from the awareness that we are unique and so perfect as we are, today we are glad to announce you the 2nd edition of TIME TO LOVE BEING YOU.

The journey begins on Monday, April 12.
It is a wonderful day to start taking care of yourself thanks to the New Moon which will give us a natural boost to change our habits and turn them into what we wish. 
Our magical @ninabarbi will guide us for the new moon flow.

"Our body is our temple,
the only place where we can live.
Take care of it."

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